YouTube Hell Details

As the tagline states: Hell Has Returned! YouTube Hell will broadcast via Twitch tomorrow at 8PM EST. It will not actually be on YouTube to avoid nasty things like account suspensions and will instead be broadcast on Twitch. Twitch also gives that live, everyone-in-one-room feel so we can have that SGC feeling one more time.

Here are the details you need to know:

-It will be streamed at

-You can join the Discord for that authentic SGC feeling at

-However, just like at SGC, if you become a problem, you get kicked out

-It has a runtime of 78 minutes, which is way less than previous YouTube Hell experiences

-This makes sure the event won’t wear you the hell out

-There will be a compiled list of all videos so you can have your own little YouTube Hell after the show — just like previous years

See you all tomorrow!


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