[E3] Steep says sports isn’t always about winning

Steep, a massive, open world sports game that travels across Europe to capture the greatest thrills, questions whether sports is all about winning.

“Sometimes sports isn’t always about winning,” Ubisoft Annecy studio manager Rebecka Coutaz said. “Sometimes it is more about capturing those amazing moments with friends.”

Players will be able to meet up with friends and other players online to conquer snowy slopes by paragliding, skiing and snowboarding in real time with one another. The game also features stunts, hangtime and, of course, crashes.

Players will also be able to record their or other players’ activities to show highlights in slow motion and with several camera options. Each player’s run will also create a trail that can be traced on a scaled map of the course.

Ubisoft pushed Steep as the game that will encourage players to share breath-taking moments and amazing feats. The trailer showcased players barely landing dangerous jumps, flipping through the air and crashing into cabins.

Steep will release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC this December.


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