The Saturday Strips Vol. 212 – Summer Slouchin’

Welcome to another edition of The Saturday Strips! This is your one-stop shop for all of the best webcomics of the week — and my terrible jokes that accompany them. The ‘Strips took a little hiatus as the industry slows down during the summer, but it’s time to fire up the engine of pure terrible!

E3 came and went, and the most people are still talking about for the most part is when the SNES Classic would be announced. The answer would be soon as fuck – just weeks after E3 was in the books actually – and holy damn, the list of games is far better than what was offered with the NES classic. Now the real question is how hard would you punch your mother for an N64 Classic? I think we all know the answer, and I hope your mom’s maxillofacial surgery goes well.

Weird, awkward things usually appear around the E3 season, and who doesn’t love the idea of retro characters appearing yet again for no reason? Enter Bubsy – a character that no one asked to return. A new Metroid is being developed. Samus is working on that figure. The last thing we want is Bubsy. Or Toejam & Earl.  Oh wait…

Games are a big part of my life. I obviously work as the manager and lead producer here at ResetPress, so I’m a certified geek loser for life here. But I have no idea what PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is supposed to do. I played a few matches, ran around and couldn’t find anyone for literally five minutes, and got shot randomly when I finally found a house, and the game ended. Seems legit.

That’s why Dorkly’s comic resonated with me. Did I just not understand the game and fumbled around like an idiot? No, it seems like the point is to fumble around and maybe possibly shoot someone. So do you wander around for five minutes and maybe do something? Do you hide in a house for ten minutes just to win a round? Who knows in the wacky world of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds?!

Yeah, I requested a refund.

That’s all for the ‘Strips this week! Make sure to keep coming back to ResetPress for more podcasts and literary nonsense like this!

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