The Saturday Strips Vol. 211 – E3 Is Real and Tried to Suck My Soul

Welcome to another edition of The Saturday Strips! This is your one-stop shop for all of the best webcomics of the week — and my terrible jokes that accompany them. Where have the ‘Strips been in 2017? Preparing to have another E3 suck the life out of everything, of course.

And suck life is exactly what the event did. Anyone who listens to The Reset Button knows I had many moments that excited me, but, in terms of E3, you either die the fanboy or live long enough to become the bitter, angry, unimpressed bastard. I have become the latter, and I am the way.

Before I give my sermon of telling the publishers to fuck off, I’d like to point out the star of the show: complete bullshit jargon. If I heard the phrase “console release exclusive” one more time, I would have Finished the Fight(TM) against Microsoft. In no way did it mean exclusive; it meant the game would be available only for Xbox One X when it first released. Would we get it elsewhere a week later? A day later? Five seconds later? Oh, where’s the fun in being transparent?

Nintendo took all the bad and churned it within a smoothie of amazing and unicorns with the announcement of not one but two Metroid games. The Big N also continued its war against Valve by engaging in the deadliest of the martial arts: hat combat. Will Mario take down Team Fortress Hat once and for all? Will GabeN retaliate with Half-Life 3: Gravity Guns and Warp Pipes Edition? Tune in for the continuation of this brutal battle.

Sony also had its enjoyable moments — specifically the clips from the new God of War. It was interesting hearing a side of Kratos that hadn’t really been explored before. I think he called who we can only assume at this point is his son “boy” about a thousand times, and we saw what he can do with an axe. That being said, does CAD Comics’ “Dad of War” win everything? Of course it does.

That’s all for the ‘Strips this week! Make sure to keep coming back to ResetPress for more podcasts and literary nonsense like this!

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A Clean Kill – Awkward Zombie

SoothSayer – VG Cats

C’est la Bubsy – ReadySoup

Trade Secrets – Nerf NOW!!

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Dad of War – CAD Comics

Building a Relationship – CAD Comics

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