The Saturday Strips Vol. 210 – Messin’ with Metzen

Welcome to another edition of The Saturday Strips! This is your one-stop shop for all of the best webcomics of the week — and my terrible jokes that accompany them. It’s a new season — well, as soon as summer decides to die — and the comics are fresh(copyright Splatoon) and ready to go!

The latest expansion for World of Warcraft, titled Legion, is out for all the WoW nerds to soak up. Aside from it being only the second WoW expansion to have a lazy ass, single word title, it’s actually pretty damn good. The one complaint that many people have is there too much RPG in my MMORPG. What do you mean I actually have to complete a story and understand what’s going on? I just want to kill fish men and dance naked in the nearest town. Damn it, Blizzard! This is why Metzen called it quits!

As a PC gamer, I love rubbing the fact that I’m a PC gamer in the faces of complete strangers. Marvel at my processing power! Gaze at my graphics capabilities! Be amazed that my bank account is in the single digits after an upgrade! All of this monetary nonsense was supposed to be circumvented by going console, right? The thing is console makers like Microsoft and Sony found out that system upgrades really do work, so now you have wonderful upgrade opportunities like the Xbox One S and PlayStation 4 Pro. Not feeling those upgrades? That’s okay. They’ve got the PlayStation Neo and Project Scorpio just around the corner. Lucky you!

In all seriousness, The Sat Strips wants to thank Chris Metzen for everything he’s done in the games industry. I’ve lost count of how many Overwatch comics have been featured on here, and Overwatch wouldn’t be a thing without Metzen’s creative touch and Blizzard’s ability to create amazing, new experiences. So from all of us here at ResetPress, thank you for everything, Mr. Metzen.


That’s all for the ‘Strips this week! If you want more ResetPress goodness, I’m hosting Sparring Sunday tomorrow night. We’ll be playing Killer Instinct for Xbox One, so join in or catch the stream!

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