The Saturday Strips Vol. 208 – Bad Dad Kratos

Welcome to another edition of The Saturday Strips! This is your one-stop shop for all of the best webcomics of the week — and my terrible jokes that accompany them. The ‘Strips are a little late this week due to an unfortunate, self-inflicted wound I suffered. That’s right — I played Mighty No. 9.

Everyone is slowly starting to come off of the E3 high, and I think they’re starting to realize they witnessed nothing short of a god damned circus. Xbox introduced an Xbox One/Windows 10 compatibility program and Project Scorpio — an improved model of Xbox One — all in the same night. PlayStation enticed fans with PlayStation VR and simultaneously mindfucked everyone with Death Stranding — Kojima’s next project. Nintendo announced it would stream an assload of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as its E3 presence, and I laughed it off because not even Gary fucking Busy is that insane. Yet it happened. Yet. It. Happened.

Virtual reality was a big part of the E3 experience this year, and I think we all knew that was going to be the case. Were the fans clamoring for the terror that Resident Evil brings in VR? Were they excited to fly an X-Wing or be part of a crew in Star Trek? Nope. Porn. Why worry about riding a chocobo when you can participate in unlimited VR boning? Just remember that when little Billy makes his Christmas list this year.

But worry not, those of you who are jaded and unimpressed by such corporate displays. The Steam summer sale is here! You can look into amazing deals on the same games that had amazing deals the previous seasonal sale and the seasonal sale before that! Virtually everything is on sale at the moment — except Mighty No. 9. Shattered dreams and broken spirits don’t mend even if they’re offered at a lower price.

At least PlayStation fans have a new God of War in the works. Kratos has grown a beard to humble Zakk Wylde and has a child companion on this new journey. He’s teaching the kid the ways of the survivor through hunting — until a damned troll shows up and forgets to bring the lulz. Hunting deer with a kid is one thing. Hunting a mythological creature that’s taller than a house with a kid might be a bit of a parenting foul, Kratos. Child abuse confirmed for God of War.

That’s all for the ‘Strips this week! Be sure to check out all the podcasts, reviews and other awesome stuff here at ResetPress — and make an account so I can harass you!

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