The Saturday Strips Vol. 175

Welcome to another edition of The Saturday Strips! This is your one-stop shop for all of the best webcomics of the week — and my terrible jokes that accompany them. The comics are getting a little salty this week, but that just means our social media feed and comments section should have some interesting opinions showcased. Or maybe that one guy will stop by and get angry because he never thinks the comics are funny. I love you!

Pokemon is apparently the only place in existence where the people who do rotten things feel the strange urge to join a gang and do nefarious deeds. You’d think they could do said deeds on their own, but then who wants to break into someone’s house and steal Pokemon without a big ass R on their shirt? Wouldn’t it make more sense for someone to say to hell with it and commit crimes on their own if it meant they would get away with it without having to say some stupid team name every time they enter or exit a building? Katie from Awkward Zombie thinks so. Who wanders around in the forest with a collection of starter Pokemon anyway? U gonna get rekt, noob.

We, the Wii U owners, are kind of tired of hearing about how the good stuff comes in 2015. Are we talking March, 2015? July 2015? Nobody knows for sure. But let me disagree with Corpse Run on the idea that Wii U is leaving us high and dry because that would be ignoring the massive Nintendo Direct that happened a few days ago. Sure, we have to wait for Legend of Zelda Wii U and Star Fox Wii U, but we’re getting Mario Party 10 and Kirby and the Rainbow Curse in the next few months, and word is Yoshi’s Woolly World is right around the corner. Follow the advice of g1 of the Year 2014 Dylan Toomey, Corpse Run, and SETTLE DOWN.

Microsoft continues to fight the console war front line with price cuts, but the company hasn’t learned the most effective way to create product demand and rake in the mad cash, sukkah: create collectible toys that adults can’t resist. It worked for Funko with its massive army of Pop! Vinyl figures, and Nintendo is riding that sweet, sweet amiibo wave. The competition may have scoffed at the idea of amiibo at first, but 2.6 million sales in the U.S. alone later, does Nintendo have everyone’s attention? Did Nintendo lace them with catnip for people?

Speaking of Nintendo and lacing things with narcotics, there seems to be a vocal minority who are unhappy that there will only be a New 3DS XL model and not a standard-sized New 3DS. Some people have even said they plan to skip the New 3DS due to this. Just like Nerd Rage suggests, people will certainly air their grievances to those within earshot, but do they truly plan to skip the system? Of course not. If you want a New 3DS, then prepare to watch your wallet flutter into Gamestop and start spitting money next month.

Armchair lawyers are a thing, and they make my brain hurt. Dorkly showcases why the phrase “no copyright infringement intended” is beyond silly, yet YouTubers use it all the time. It won’t be hard to find a YouTuber who uploads ScrewAttack content with that highly misguided message in the info section. Walk into a store, smack someone with a golf club and yell, “No actual harm intended!” Write to me from your prison cell so I know how it went. But I’m not against fair use. I actually studied it and other aspects of media law in my media law course, so I fully understand its importance. That said, I want to remind everyone that no funny jokes are intended with The Saturday Strips – oh damn, that’s actually true.

That’s all for the ‘Strips this week. Be sure to check out the extra strips that didn’t get a personal touch because they were simply too damn bizarre for me to do justice. Do you know of a strip that’s better than what we feature and want to see it get some of that warm, fuzzy Saturday Strips love? Email me at Patrick at

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