ResetPress in 2018

2017 was an interesting year for us at ResetPress. We lost a dad when Tanner decided to step away. We gained a new dad when Eric showed up, and we stepped outside of our comfort zone when we made YouTube Hell: Hell Has Returned. But what does 2018 hold? What other changes from last year should be addressed? Here’s our little update to hammer talk about all of this.

The Saturday Strips

Those who remember the good ol’ days of ScrewAttack News remember when then-Lead News Editor Ryan Conway started a little Sunday feature called The Saturday Strips. The ‘Strips blossomed and eventually became such a solid part of ScrewAttack’s weekly content schedule that I continued it after Conway parted ways with the company.

I was given full permission to do what I wanted with The Sat Strips once ScrewAttack News ended, which I did first on and then here at However, the number of views were weak – especially in comparison to the amount of work it takes to create a decent Saturday Strips entry. Due to this lack of views, The Saturday Strips is discontinued for the foreseeable future. I doubt this shocks anyone due to how long it’s been since I’ve written a new one, but I wanted to make it official.

The Resetti Awards

The Resetti Awards was Tanner’s brainchild, and it is a brilliant feature that we will definitely continue. Anyone who listens to The Reset Button knows how passionate Eric and I can be about our choices for the best games of the year, so we will begin working on the Resetti Awards very soon. Stay tuned!

Written Content

ResetPress’ roots stem from the written word, and while videos have a much higher retention rate, I still think it’s important that we have a few articles for our followers to read. I should emphasize the phrase “a few” so readers can understand that The Saturday Strips can’t fit in a schedule slated for “a few” articles. Focus will be placed on reviews and other interesting, thought provoking pieces related to video games and the industry.


On top of live podcasts, we want to continue the Press Play gameday feature we started last year. We didn’t make this a top priority largely because I already have a streaming schedule with the g1 Gamedays crew, but we need to grow and meet friendly faces too.

Additional Faces/Voices

We’re not constantly a two-man crew because we’re antisocial – I promise. We’re working to bring a few additiona folks in, but it is completely dependent on their schedules. As previously mentioned, ResetPress runs on a deficit. We can’t pay anyone for anything.

We’re hoping to have a great 2018! A new episode of The Reset Button will be out as soon as Eric recovers from the flu – or until he dies and becomes an audible ghost. Either choice seems okay, right?


Former ScrewAttack Lead News Editor, creator of community group Debasedtothis(DTT), co-host of The Reset Button and Super Reset Bros, co-creator of Reset Press. Also a former Game Hero, featured on countless websites.

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