The Reset Button is returning!

It was sad to see Tanner go, but the show must go on.

That said, Super Reset Bros. was a podcast for Tanner and me — nobody else. Therefore it is officially retired. I will not do that show with someone else. Sure, Shaun Bolen stepped in a few times as a guest, but it was primarily a show for the two of us.

This means The Reset Button will officially be the flagship podcast for ResetPress once again. It’s a new show, new era, and a new co-host in Eric “Monkey” Rogers. We’re not going back to the news coverage style of the original show though. It will be a whatever is on our mind/whatever we want to talk about kind of show.

A fresh restart also means new assets. The show’s theme song will still be “CPU Mood” by Fantomenk — that’s just too perfect to change. But there will be a new background for the stream and a new logo.






We look forward to bringing you a kickass stream very soon!



Former ScrewAttack Lead News Editor, creator of community group Debasedtothis(DTT), co-host of The Reset Button and Super Reset Bros, co-creator of Reset Press. Also a former Game Hero, featured on countless websites.

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