[E3] New God of War trailer showcases Kratos in frozen landscapes

Kratos returned in the new God of War trailer, and he has an aged face and bitchin’ beard to show for it.

The trailer showcased Kratos teaching a young boy how to hunt in frozen, snowy landscapes. Their hunting trip was briefly interrupted when a troll showed up to wreck everything.

Quite different from Kratos’ previous adventures, the land he roams appears to be a part of the Nordic frozen north. The troll briefly mentions Valhalla, and Nordic runes can be seen in some areas.

The trailer ends when Kratos finally teaches the boy — who calls him “father” — how to kill his prey.

“Now you are ready for a new beginning,” Kratos tells the boy as a dragon soars above them.

The current working title for the game appears to be “God of War” without a “4” anywhere to be found.

There is no release for this game as of this writing.

Are you ready for a new adventure with Kratos?


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