Introducing the Return of YouTube Hell

For many fans of the now defunct ScrewAttack Gaming Convention, YouTube Hell was a staple. It was that wacky, fucked in the head event where everyone got together and watched the absolute worst of YouTube, had some laughs, had some drinks, and had a lot of fun.

I didn’t want to see that tradition die, so I reached out to Josh “Brakywaki” Stewart, one of the guys who had been running it for years, to keep YouTube Hell going. Josh has agreed to be on board, so Hell returns!

We’re hoping to keep YouTube Hell as authentic as possible. How? I’m not directing the video first and foremost. The video choices, placements, and all that fun will be done by Josh himself. He knows what you guys want to see, and he’ll be the guy making those calls.

Now for the good part: submissions. Josh/Tanner/Mark’s old rule is still in place: repeat submissions must be kept to a minimum. If you send in a clip that was featured in the past, don’t be surprised if it doesn’t get featured.

Send your clips to: We will be accepting submissions until the end of July.

The video will be streamed on a streaming platformed to be determined at this time. The goal is to get this thing up and ready before the end of August. There will also be a Discord chat that viewers can join to get in on the experience of everyone being in the same room just like the SGC days. Yeah, there will be rules to the room, but here’s hoping everything goes smooth and nobody has to get ushered out.

Happy YouTube Hell season, folks! Send those submissions in, and let’s make this awesome.



Former ScrewAttack Lead News Editor, creator of community group Debasedtothis(DTT), co-host of The Reset Button and Super Reset Bros, co-creator of Reset Press. Also a former Game Hero, featured on countless websites.

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