Introducing ResetPress Shorts!

Sometimes it’s just impossible to listen to a full podcast — especially since a lot of ours are known to be close to an hour long. We definitely don’t want to alienate you if you want to listen to us, so we’re proud to announce ResetPress Shorts. These much shorter videos are snippets of the topics we discussed in the full show. They’re much easier to consume, they’re at your fingertips on any device via YouTube, and they’re in a handy playlist so you have to do little to nothing to hear what you’ve been missing. Click play, kick back, and enjoy.

Click here to go directly to the YouTube page. Likes and subscriptions are always appreciated(they make Eric dance).


Former ScrewAttack Lead News Editor, creator of community group Debasedtothis(DTT), co-host of The Reset Button and Super Reset Bros, co-creator of Reset Press. Also a former Game Hero, featured on countless websites.

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