How We Got Here, And Continuing Onward

This truly has been one long, strange trip for me, personally speaking.

There have been times where I honestly thought this site wouldn’t even come to fruition. Yet, here we are with a brand new website, and what a site it is.

Out with the old “.org” of the bygone era — though, we do look back on it with fondness — and into the new with “.net”. A major change, I know.

For those who don’t know about the journey, let’s go back to the very beginning of when this idea became a reality.

In the beginning

Firstly, I will start by saying I am a graduate of Minot State University, based out of Minot, N.D., and I almost was not to be.

In my fourth year at MSU, I attended a class titled “Junior Project,” which meant this was a transitional class to bring up “Senior Project.” This became a requirement in order to graduate from the University’s Bachelor of Arts programs.

Whether you were in music, theatre, art, or broadcasting, you had to have a project — good or bad — in order to graduate. You also had to give a recital in presentation of your project.

Truth be told, I had little ambition to reach such a task, but it was deemed necessary. I immediately thought of just doing a weekly series in the form of a blog titled “The Reset Button,” which would be a look back at the top five biggest, or best, news stories within the gaming industry or related to it in some way. This was hosted on tumblr.

Once it was posted to ScrewAttack, it kind of took off in its own way. I never once thought it would lead to something I can truly be proud of and feel accomplished.

I had only done this as a cop-out to just get a degree and get out in the “real world.”

The strain of doing a blog was starting to wear thin on not only my time schedule, but also my psyche as well. There would be things I had attempted to multitask — and utterly failed in the process — in order to get the blog posts out on time.

Once I had presented my project to my friends, family and colleagues, as well as having graduated, I ventured out to Fargo, N.D., with no job and a hand-full of cash. Big mistake, yes, but one I would not change given the circumstances and climate of the situation I was in.

Morphing text into audio

One of the weirdest, scariest things I have had to do thus far was to leave my stomping grounds and venture out. Heading out east, I settled into the border town of Moorhead, Minn., with a new friend in a roommate I had only talked to from Craigslist.

Again, I know how sketchy that sounds on paper, but I trusted my safety in this person and went against the stigma of “everyone on Craigslist is out to kill you.” Obviously, this isn’t the case.

Regardless of that, I knew something had to change with The Reset Button if I had wanted to continue this project. Writing a blog of that kind of magnitude was both not gaining attraction nor was it helping me in any way other than to just write words on a white space.

For those who knew me prior to Reset Press, I was seemingly partners with Patrick Breeden on the “.org” site of Debased To This. What is Debased To This? What does it stand for? Is there a meaning? These are questions I still seek an answer to after all of these years.

Bad jokes aside, DTT helped me realize what worked and what didn’t work, what was fun and what was a chore, and how to build a community. I sought out the help of Patrick to do a weekly podcast of The Reset Button, and, much to my chagrin, he was reluctant to accumulate such a task.

Needless to say, we did the podcast, and it was rough to listen to — much more rough to listen to today’s version. Fresh from college, I had realized that I had almost learned all of what I know, as far as editing and production goes, from on-hand work.

This was one of those times.

Editing an audio podcast in Adobe Premiere Pro was such a chore at first, that I had thought about doing so in Audacity or sneaking Abode Audition onto my computer somehow. But, as time went on, I found it to be a very basic way of doing things as it gets the job done very well.

So, as time went on, with more takes and more practice, we kept trudging onward with the podcast, warts and all.

Then came the next step in doing this shindig.

We’ll do it live

I can’t exactly remember how we started going from a pre-recorded show to a live on on Twitch, but all I can say is it’s working, slowly but surely.

Going live meant we had an audience to listen to our own flub-ups and mistakes. You only get one take at it, and if it sucks, it sucks. However, I feel as if going live was one of the best decisions we have made with this once throwaway project.

Gaining a weekly audience on Twitch, we we starting to get more and more of an idea about getting a website, adding more projects, and all sorts of good thoughts in multiple discussions.

This is where Patreon came in handy, and continues to do so to this day.

Patreon allowed us to try some things more and obtain much better equipment than just a couple of headsets. We got microphones, webcameras, and we’re now using those funds to get a much better idea on how to morph this thing into something even better.

So, going live with the website now, Reset Press went from a post-DTT, time-wasting college student’s blog to a website that hopefully delivers a case on what people want to see, whether it be a small crowd or a large audience.

Some of you have been on this very weird journey with Patrick and I since the days of DTT, and some of you I had met though the live podcast recording of Super Reset Bros. Whomever you may be, I can safely say we have reached one of our Patreon goals with the help of less than five people! That is truly unbelievable.

Maybe this creates new interest in our funding, or maybe it just sparks some interest in what we do. Regardless of whatever that may be, I sincerely want to thank all of you for making this become a reality.

However, we are far from done, as if that wasn’t painfully obvious. We always want to strive for bigger and better, and this is just the beginning.

So, to wrap-up this long-winded spiel, I welcome you to!

Thank you. All of you.

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Tanner Larson

Co-founder at Reset Press
Tanner Larson is the co-founder or Reset Press Media, alongside Patrick Breeden. Larson also is a former member of ScrewAttack News, Debased To This and graduated from Minot State University in 2013 with a Bachelor or Arts in broadcasting production.

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Tanner Larson

Tanner Larson is the co-founder or Reset Press Media, alongside Patrick Breeden. Larson also is a former member of ScrewAttack News, Debased To This and graduated from Minot State University in 2013 with a Bachelor or Arts in broadcasting production.

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