Farewell to a Badass

It’s always a little sad when the ride ends.

I proudly shared many, many years creating content for the web with Tanner, and I often ask myself how long ago I would have fizzled out if it weren’t for him.

Let me explain. Many folks who know me know I created the little project that could known as DebasedtoThis – otherwise known as DTT. The crew behind DTT spent many years together, but it finally got to the point where it was time to say goodbye. We did, and I eventually moved on to hold the position of Lead News Editor for ScrewAttack.com. Aside from that, and largely because ScrewAttack was an actual job with pay, I quit creating online content entirely.

What others may not know is The Reset Button and this entire thing we call ResetPress Media was Tanner’s brainchild. He created the podcast and convinced me to come out of my cave to start over. He called it The Reset Button. He conjured the name ResetPress.

This is why I give Tanner full credit for what we have today. If he hadn’t started this and had the initiative, I wouldn’t be creating stuff for you.

I certainly don’t want him to do things he no longer wants to do, and we should all respect his decision to step away. Will it suck not having my partner in crime after this many years making dumb jokes with me? Of course, but no ride lasts forever – no matter how fun it is.

It’s always a little sad when the ride ends.

Go do amazing stuff, Tanner!



Former ScrewAttack Lead News Editor, creator of community group Debasedtothis(DTT), co-host of The Reset Button and Super Reset Bros, co-creator of Reset Press. Also a former Game Hero, featured on countless websites.

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