[E3] Star Trek: Bridge Crew lets you take the helm

The Star Trek experience we’ve all been waiting for, Star Trek: Bridge Crew allows you and friends get together in a virtual reality experience to actually control the ship from within the bridge.

There are several positions to control: Captain, Pilot, Engineer, and more.

The team even dragged a few Star Trek alumni to experience the game and demonstrate it for everyone. ┬áLeVar Burton even said that it felt as if he was really on the ship and if anyone would know it’s him.

Bridge Crew is set in the Abrams Star Trek universe, but players will not control the U.S.S. Enterprise crew. According to Ubisoft, this was done to further the suspension of belief. Players will have the ability to imagine themselves as part of a fresh Starfleet crew.

“The bridge crew is the heart of Star Trek,” Red Storm Senior Creative Director David Votypka told IGN. “It’s about the dynamics between these people, their relationships and how they survive together, and that is what the game is about.”

Expect it on the Oculus Rift, Vive, and Playstation VR later this Fall.

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