[E3] Let’s Talk Xbox One Controllers

Xbox wants you to feel comfortable in your own skin when playing Xbox One — even when you’re holding a controller.

Xbox’s new Design Lab gives fans the opportunity to customize controllers the way they see fit. Cosumers will have the chance to customize an existing design, mix up color combinations, add laser engravings and plenty more.

The opportunity to fully customize comes at a price. Customized controllers start at $79.99 — which is $20 higher than a stock controller — and fans can customize styling and colors for the body, bumpers and triggers, d-pad, thumbsticks, buttons, view & menu and back. Laser engravings add $9.99 to the total.

For those who aren’t as into the idea of customizing controllers, Microsoft also announced the official Gears of War 4 Limited Edition Xbox Elite controller. The controller features swappable components and hair trigger locks and will also come with an exclusive in-game item and three Gear Packs. It will also feature a special carrying case.

Considering the Xbox Elite controller is priced at $149, it’s safe to assume the price will be the same or higher for the Gears 4 controller.

The ability to have a fully customized Xbox experience has become even more accessible, but it comes at an arguably high price. Are you interested in customizing?


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