About Us

ResetPress is the creation of Tanner “Cyrax” Larson and Patrick “Debaser” Breeden. Patrick has since been joined by Eric “Monkey” Rogers.

The first project was a small sub-community branched from ScrewAttack.com called Debasedtothis. Created initially by Patrick, DTT was the training ground for the creators of tomorrow. There were no rules, no restrictions and a full community of fans ready to give honest feedback and help creators improve. While DTT may not be remembered today, Patrick and Tanner successfully gave a platform for famed creators ProJared, Pat the NES Punk and Dena Natali.

The two honed their skills during their college years. Tanner earned a degree in Journalism from Minot State University while Patrick earned degrees in Online Journalism and Political Science from Marshall University. Both worked on various media projects to graduate: Patrick designed and operated PatrickBreeden.net while Tanner started a gaming news blog called The Reset Button.

The Reset Button started as a small project that covered a few stories throughout week. Tanner kept it up, and Patrick helped out when needed. But The Reset Button as a blog wasn’t ambitious enough for Tanner. He had bigger plans in mind, but he needed a little help to make the plan come to life.

Cue The Reset Button in audio form. The two came together to create a gaming news podcast that followed the traditional record now, edit later format that most podcasts follow. The results piqued interest at ScrewAttack.com, and the show slowly became a staple of the g1 community. However, while the show’s audience grew, the two had an idea to help the show move in a direction that proved to be both a huge gamble and a huge payoff.

Doing a show live and in front of a camera is a daunting task, but it was a task they took on without hesitation, and the audience enjoyed the ability to watch a live show and be part of the show by interacting in chat. The experience gave the two that would become known as the Super Reset Bros. the chance to sharpen up and do an hour long show without a single issue.

“Going live meant we had an audience to listen to our own flub-ups and mistakes,” Tanner wrote during the launch of ResetPress. “You only get one take at it, and if it sucks, it sucks. However, I feel as if going live was one of the best decisions we have made with this once throwaway project.”

Gaining an audience and showcasing their skills allowed the two to open up a Patreon account and gain better equipment purely through fan support. This helped them gain new microphones, headsets and plenty more. It also helped them get unlimited storage space on SoundCloud so fans can listen to as many of the older episodes as they want.

The podcast eventually transformed into Super Reset Bros. and allowed them to talk about topics other than news, but the big plans that brewed during the transition was the ResetPress branding. The idea went from a “parent company” type of branding to a completely fleshed out website.

Tanner decided to step away from the fray and go off to face new challenges. Eric “Monkey” Rogers stepped in when The Reset Button returned on May 9, 2017.

Learn more about ResetPress by visiting the company’s LinkedIn page.

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