[E3] Quake returns with Quake Champions

Bethesda officially announced the return of Quake during its E3 conference this evening with Quake Champions.

“The game that defined competitive multiplayer is back,” Bethesda creative director Tim Willits said.

The announcement lacked gameplay footage, but the teaser trailer showcased fast, non-stop gameplay. According to Willits, the game will feature support for high-end PC performance and an unlocked frame rate.

Competitive play will also be a part of Quake Champions’ future. Willits said the game is designed for esports play, and a series of tournaments and leagues will be scheduled in the future.
A vast selection of characters will also assist in keeping gameplay fresh. According to Willits, Quake Champions will feature a roster of characters with different attributes and abilities — possibly similar to games like Team Fortress 2 and Overwatch.

Quake Champions is scheduled to be a PC exclusive at the time of this writing. Bethesda announced no other platforms.

More information concerning the game will be available during QuakeCon 2016 in August.

Fans of the Quake series have been eagerly awaiting a new addition since the 2005 release of Quake 4. Are you ready to go back to oldschool first-person shooting?


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